Revitalizing a Ford Bronco

The Challenge

When a classic Ford Bronco rolled into Singleton Detailing, it was clear that this beloved vehicle needed a thorough revival. The owner, a dedicated car enthusiast, wanted to restore the Bronco to its former glory. The vehicle had seen years of wear and tear, with the paint showing signs of oxidation, the interior in need of a deep clean, and the exterior requiring protection from the elements.

Our Approach

Initial Assessment

Our team began with a comprehensive assessment of the Bronco. We noted areas that needed special attention, including:

  • Exterior Paint: The paint was dull and oxidized, requiring a multi-stage correction process.
  • Interior: The seats, carpets, and dashboard were stained and accumulated dust and grime.
  • Wheels and Tires: These needed cleaning and detailing to restore their original shine.
  • Protection: To ensure long-lasting results, the vehicle required a ceramic coating.

Detailed Plan

  1. Exterior Detailing and Paint Correction:
    • We started with a thorough wash to remove dirt and debris.
    • A clay bar treatment was used to eliminate embedded contaminants.
    • Multi-stage paint correction using compound and polish to restore the paint’s shine.
    • Applied a high-quality ceramic coating to protect the paint and enhance its gloss.
  2. Interior Deep Cleaning:
    • Vacuumed and shampooed the carpets and upholstery.
    • Cleaned and conditioned the leather seats.
    • Detailed the dashboard, center console, and door panels to restore their appearance.
  3. Wheels and Tires:
    • Cleaned and polished the wheels.
    • Applied tire dressing to give the tires a rich, dark finish.


Our team worked meticulously over several days, ensuring every inch of the Bronco was attended to with the utmost care. We used premium products and the latest techniques to achieve the best results.

The Result

The transformation was remarkable. The Ford Bronco looked stunning, with a mirror-like finish on the exterior and a fresh, clean interior. The ceramic coating provided a lasting shield against environmental damage, ensuring the Bronco would stay beautiful for years to come.

Customer Feedback

The owner was thrilled with the results. He appreciated the attention to detail and the quality of our work, noting that his Bronco hadn’t looked this good since it was new. He was particularly impressed with the shine of the paint and the cleanliness of the interior.


This project highlights Singleton Detailing’s commitment to excellence and passion for car care. Whether it’s a classic vehicle like the Ford Bronco or a modern car, we take pride in delivering outstanding results.

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